2020 Vision


Our 2020 Vision
The final words of Jesus to his followers are truly breath-taking:

"All authority in heaven and earth has been given to me.  Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

But in order to make disciples, we have to be disciples!  Our vision at Christchurch Baptist Church is therefore to be a church where people become and grow as passionate followers of Jesus.  This is what inspired those who built our present buildings in 1875 to step out in faith, and it continues to inspire us today.

In seeking to be faithful to this vision we have experienced such growth that our current premises are too small to meet our mission and ministry needs.  For several years we have been facing the challenge to renew and extend our buildings so that we can be even more effective in our vision, but until now there has not been a viable option to do this.  Christchurch Baptist Church also plays an active role in meeting the social needs of the local community and is host to a number of organisations working in the areas of substance counselling, debt, cancer care and isolation.

We are delighted that in November 2015, we were able to take the opportunity to purchase the freehold of 51 Bargates for its market value.  The property is adjacent to our present buildings and, since purchase, it has been refurbished to accommodate our administrative offices and a couple of meeting rooms.  We have been so blessed to have a long-term tenant renting the downstairs of the property.  The provision of 51 Bargates also enabled us to establish a dedicated Prayer Room and a Youth Room on the existing church site which has been wonderful.  In Phase 2 of the journey, we are now seeking God's heart about the future of both sites, wanting to discern how one or both sites might be developed to be even greater assets to facilitate our mission and ministry for the decades to come.

Such an opportunity is one that has been prayed about for many years and we rejoice in the generosity of God's people which has enabled Phase 1 of our 2020 Vision to be fulfilled.  Our constant prayer is to see people changed by the good news of Jesus Christ and to see our community transformed as God is honoured.

Why Is This Called '2020 Vision'?
The downstairs of 51 Bargates is currently occupied by an optician…to be told you have '2020 Vision' by an optician is to have 'perfect vision'.  The opportunity to purchase this property was the perfect vision from God as we move forward as a church family.  It's also our desire to have commenced future phases of redevelopment of our buildings during or before the year 2020. 

To see the journey so far, you can download a copy our Phase 1 '2020 Vision document' by clicking here.

How Will The Money Be Raised?
Setting out on a project of this scale is an exercise in trust.  We trust in the faithfulness of God who we sense has led us to this point and in the generosity of His people.  What might seem impossible in our eyes becomes possible when God is at work, stirring people to see how they can contribute in whatever way is appropriate for them, in different ways at different times.

Similar projects suggest that the majority of the money will come from congregational giving and occasional legacies.  In addition to this, there will be a number of grant-making trusts to approach.  We also have the opportunity to take a loan from the Baptist Union of Great Britain at favourable rates.

How Can You Respond?
We previously ourselves the ambitious target of internally raising at least £180,000 which was 30% of the anticipated purchase price and initial redevelopment costs of 51 Bargates.  The remainder was raised by taking a loan from the BUGB.  The more we are able to raise in gifts and grants, the less we need to borrow.  We are thrilled to have been repaying the loan towards Phase 1 much quicker than expected but there is still some way to go.  Phase 2 will be another fundraising journey, but, God is always faithful when we follow where he is leading.

We are asking you as part of the family/friends of Christchurch Baptist Church to prayerfully consider how much you might be prepared to commit financially to support the growth of God’s Kingdom through the ministry and mission of our church.  But, we are also inviting you to join us in discerning what Phase 2 of the redevelopment might look like. 

Click to download the 'My Response' form to pledge your support. 

Our Commitment To Mission
Our purpose in purchasing 51 Bargates and redeveloping it in combination with our existing site is to glorify God and to enable effective ministry as a church.  At the heart of this is our commitment to reach out with the good news of Jesus Christ to the community around us.  This is something we are already doing very effectively but we want to see this ministry expand even more.  Click here for more information about our community engagement. 

How To Give?
We would be so appreciative if you felt able to contribute to our 2020 Vision financially in one or more of the following ways:

Bank Transfer
You can make payments electronically from your bank account into our dedicated 2020 Vision account.  The information you require to set this up online is:

Bank:                         Lloyds Bank
Sort Code:                 30-80-89
Account Number:      36015168
Account Name:         Christchurch Baptist Church 2020 Vision Account

Please send cheques to the church office payable to 'Christchurch Baptist Church 2020 Vision Account'

Standing Order
To make a regular donation by standing order to the 2020 Vision fund, click to download a Standing Order Form or set up your Standing Order electronically using the account details above (see Bank Transfer section).  Your standing order will represent your pledge to give monthly, quarterly or annually to our 2020 Vision.

If you are a UK taxpayer, please also complete a gift-aid declaration which means we can make your financial gift tax efficient (see below). Click to download a Gift Aid form.

2020 Vision Envelopes
Simply place your giving (cash or cheque) into the dedicated 2020 Vision envelope, seal it, and place this into the Offering bag when it is circulated during morning worship. If you are a UK taxpayer, please also complete a gift-aid declaration which means we can make your financial gift tax efficient (see below). Please make cheques payable to 'Christchurch Baptist Church 2020 Vision Account'.

Just Giving Page
You can give to our 2020 Vision using our Just Giving page.  It's really simple.  Click here to visit our 2020 Vision Just Giving page.

Legacy - Remembering Christchurch Baptist Church In Your Will
Leaving a legacy is a truly fantastic way of providing financial help our 2020 Vision. If this is something which you are contemplating, may we thank you greatly, in advance!

Gift Aid
Whichever way you choose to donate, we are extremely grateful - why not ensure you Gift Aid it?

If you are a UK taxpayer please to download a Gift Aid form. By completing and returning this form, we can increase your financial gift by further 25% by reclaiming the tax from the Inland Revenue. This one declaration is effective for the whole time you are a UK taxpayer. If you stop paying tax you will need to notify us.

How Will Your Financial Gift Be Used?
Surplus funds will be used for future phases of the redevelopment of 51 Bargates, OR, by agreement with Church Members, transferred to Christchurch Baptist Church’s Vision Fund. 
[Vision Fund definition agreed at Church Members’ Meeting 19th July 2012]

More Information
If you would like to know more about our 2020 Vision, please speak in confidence to our Treasurer, David McLellan, or to one of our Ministers, by contacting the church office.  We will be pleased to hear from you.

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