Called & Sent


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Called and Sent is a series of eight workshops exploring calling, ministry and gifting.  You are warmly invited to join us at 7.30pm, every Tuesday, from 28 January 2020. Our first gathering will include a meal with participants of the Alpha Course and Influence Course before breaking for the first session.  

Below is an outline of what you can expect week by week.  The course is entirely free.  To book your place, please complete a free online booking form, call the Church Office on 01202 487442 or use the contact form and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Week 1: Chosen

  • Why did God save me? 
  • What value does God see in me? 
  • “What does God want me to do?” vs “What does God want me to be?” 

Week 2: “Who Am I?”

  • In or out of the church?
  • Talents, skills, life experience, hobbies/interests, networks

Week 3: God’s Gift To Humankind?

  • An introduction to spiritual gifts
  • Personal gifting profile
  • Anointing

Week 4: What Is Ministry?

  • What does fruitfulness look like?
  • Who does God want me to bless and how?
  • Ministry is never alone, accountability and building teams

Week 5: Spirituality Bumps Into Reality

  • Learning to recognise our frontlines
  • Knowing our neighbours and neighbourhoods

Week 6: Why Can't I Just Do Church...?

  • God's love flows outwards
  • Looking to bless the community
  • Learning to see things through God's eyes

Week 7: What Do I Do Now...?

  • Faith is not a formula
  • It's easy to be a Pharisee

Week 8: You Have An Anointing

  • Finding the sweet-spot
  • Bringing it all together


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