Growing Older & Wiser


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You probably don't want to get older, but, you can't change the fact that you are getting older - that's a reality regardless of your current age!  Even if you are not ready to think about growing older yourself, you will almost certainly have parents, grandparents, friends or family members who are confronting this reality themselves...

Age brings many gifts and opportunities for continued growth.  You are invited to join us over 4 Sunday evening sessions, (via Zoom), to discover the Bible's perspective on ageing, but also, to plunder the rich wisdom of others from within our church community.

You'll discover how God can effectively and powerfully use those who have grown wiser with the passing of years at the same time as laying down some foundations for God to move in you and through you in the future.

Our sessions will include some teaching, testimony, personal reflection, discussion and prayer.  An outline of the sessions is below:

01: Lifelong Learning (Sunday 07 March)
What does it look like to be a follower of Jesus who is always maturing spiritually, especially as we mature in years?  Is it possible to be someone who pursues God's wisdom, understanding and knowledge from the whole of our Christian lives?

02: Identity & Purpose (Sunday 14 March)
We all have gifts, skills and passions but perhaps, the older we get, the greater the risk is that we won't find our place to serve in the purposes of God.  How do we avoid feeling left out or left behind whilst also allowing a new generation to rise up alongside us or even in our place?

03: Health & Well-Being (Sunday 21 March)
The journey of life is rarely smooth and, at different points and for various seasons, we will be forced to confront fears, physical, mental, emotional and financial challenges.  How does our theology of healing, suffering and sickness help or hinder our ability to cope (or even help support others) during these seasons?

04: Deepening Trust (Sunday 28 March)
Without trust in God as a foundation for our lives, we find ourselves anchoress in the journey of life.  What does Scripture have to say about deepening our trust in God as we face the challenge of growing older and how can our relationships with others help or hinder this process?

Join us (via Zoom) every Sunday evening from 07 March - 28 March, 7pm-8.15pm.  To sign up and to recieve the Zoom link, click here.

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