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Over recent decades, people have become increasingly aware that our world is in trouble environmentally.  For years, humankind has thoughtlessly just taken from the earth's resources, not caring about whether or not this was sustainable, nor overly concerned about its effect on tomorrow.

Slowly at first, the Christian church has become aware that it too has a part to play in addressing the threat - indeed, that it has a responsibility placed upon it by God to take care of His creation.

In many churches, the torch has been borne for several years by individuals who have 'ploughed a lonely furrow' - convinced that creation care was indeed God's plan.  These individuals had to find their support and encouragement from non-church (GreenpeaceRecycle Now, etc) or from para-church organisations (A Rocha, Noah's Ark, John Ray Initiative, et al).

In the last decade, many churches have become aware of the pioneering work of A Rocha UK, through its ambassadors Rev Dave Bookless and Ruth Valerio, and its EcoChurchinitiative.  Indeed it was this initiative that brought the subject of creation care to the attention of Christchurch Baptist Church's leadership, as they considered future emphases and as they sought to teach the 'whole counsel of God' in the church's teaching programme.

So in late 2016 they sought out those individuals in the fellowship who had creation care particularly on their hearts and these individuals have met together since to consider possible ways forward.

We recognised quickly that creation care hardly featured in the church's teaching and practice.  This was confirmed by reviewing where we were against the EcoChurch survey.  Indeed it became obvious that, even for significant decisions in the life of the church, financial considerations often had much higher priorities than those decisions' impact on environmental or justice matters.

Whilst recognising that it will be some time before we can reach even the lowest (bronze) level of EcoChurch award, their survey represents a useful checklist of what we can be doing.

So, where have we got to?

The Creation Care Group is continuing to meet and several things have been put into action:

  • A brief whole-congregation questionnaire has been used to enable the church leadership to understand where people stand on matters like recycling, green energy, global warming, and the biblical position of creation care.
  • Through local authorities, most people now do significant recycling at home, so we're looking at ways to help them do this too when on the church's premises.
    A dedicated CBC Creation Care Facebook page has been set up with frequent posts to stimulate interest.  The level of 'likes' to date has been encouraging.  You can like the page by clicking here.
  • In the Autumn of 2017 a teaching series on Creation Care and its ramifications was shared, which included a guest speaker from A Rocha UK.
  • Single use plastic coffee cups have been replaced by compostable Vegware cups.
  • Fairly-traded products and produce is used wherever possible.
  • Separate recycling bins have been installed in all the offices.
  • Hippos’ have been inserted into all single flush toilets.
  • All of CBCs toilets have been ‘twinned’ with Toilet Twinning by various groups and individuals in the life of the church.
  • In September 2018, we shared in a 'green communion service' to celebrate God's love for all of creation. 
  • The church is registered with Recycle4Charity which not only recycles printer cartidges and mobile phones but also generates income for the church's charitable purposes.
  • We recognise that there is much more we could do, but the consideration of significant changes (e.g. renegotiation of long-term energy contracts, boiler replacement, solar panels, etc.) are being deferred as a major rebuilding project is on the horizon.
  • As the church considers the possibility of a new building on its site, the need has been recognised for the environmental impact of such a development to be recognised from the start (with faith-based considerations as well as those already imposed by modern building legislation and practice).

If you would like to complete our Creation Care Questionaire to anonymously let us know about your current level of activity in relation to God's commission to care for His creation, click here.

You can listen to our sermons on the Creation Care theme by clicking the links below:

'Not Just A Cup Of Water' (Matthew 10:40-42) Chris Brockway - September 2017
'Ownership & Stewardship' (Genesis 2:15) Chris Brockway - September 2017
'Worship & Witness' (Matthew 6, Colossians 1:15-20) David Morgan (A Rocha UK) - September 2017
'Relationship & Discipleship' (Romans 12:1-2, 13:10) Chris Brockway - October 2017
'There's Green In The Rainbow' (Genesis 9:8-17) Chris Brockway - September 2018
'The Wholeness of Lifestyle' (Leviticus 25) - Derek Stringer - March 2019

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