Our Leadership Team


Our Staff Team Are:

Chris Brockway is our Minister (Team Leader).  Chris has responsibility for pastoral oversight of the church and for leading our church and staff team in its mission and ministry.  Chris joined the team at Christchurch Baptist Church in March 2012.  He's married to Meg and they have five children.  Chris is passionate about the local church being relevant, relational and missional in all that it does.  In his spare time, he loves being with family and friends and can often be found running or drinking coffee in various local coffee establishments!

Kay Boulton is our Minister in Training.  Kay joined our staff team in September 2014 as Pastoral Ministry Coordinator.  In September 2018, Kay commenced a 3-year ministerial formation programme in partnership with Bristol Baptist College.  Kay has a great passion for people and spends most of her working week sharing conversation and mint tea with folk.  Kay also has responsibility for developing and coordinating our pastoral care team as well as being part of our Leadership Team.

David Ruilova is our Equipping & Evangelism Lead.  David joined our staff team in September 2018.  David is passionate about seeing folk come to faith in, and grow as, disciples of Christ.  David is responsible for developing our discipleship and evangelism programmes to ensure that everyone has opportunity to grow and serve in the life of Christchurch Baptist Church.

Jackie McGregor is our 0-18s Ministry Lead.  Jackie joins our staff team in October 2018.  Jackie's greatest desire is to encourage the faith and discipleship journeys of children, young people and families.  Jackie is responsible for developing our teams working with 0-18s in the life of the church and beyond.

Julie Dynan is our Church Administrator.  She has led our administration team since July 2018 having previous worked within retail!  Should you contact the church office, it's very likely that Julie will be the one responding to your communication.

Mark Coleman is our caretaker and cleaner.  Mark has a passion for studying theology and is also actively involved leading various of our children's ministry programmes and activities.

The Ministers, Elders, Officers and Deacons of the Church form the Charity Trustees and Leadership Team. They work together in partnership to lead and guide the church in its vision and to encourage and equip Church Members to play as full a part as possible in the life and witness of the church.

Andy Renshaw

Christine Tremain

Bernard Hallewell

Richard Stapleton

Joan Simmons

Debbie Henderson

Stu Lane

Dan Pile

Linda Callan
Church Secretary

David McLellan
Church Treasurer

Pat Adams
Safeguarding Trustee

Barry Short

Kevin Thomas


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