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Alpha Course

Curious about faith...?

Over 3 million people in the UK and 19 million people worldwide have attended an Alpha course, running in schools, prisons, universities, workplaces, in the forces and in churches of all denominations across the world.

Our next course begins on Thursday 25 April, 7pm, with coffee, cake and a short introductory talk.  Click here to sign up

Every Thursday following, until 04 July (with a break on 30 May), there will be a different short talk and space to share our thoughts in small groups.  Week by week we will cover the topics listed below.  If you click the relevant link below, you can download the Guest Guide for each week:

Additional resources:

There’s no charge for anything. You can say anything you like or nothing at all.  Everyone’s welcome.  No matter your background or beliefs, you’re invited. 

To book your place on our next course, please complete a free online booking form or call the Church Office on 01202 487442.  

We really look forward to welcoming you no matter your background or beliefs. 

What if you miss a session...?
If you can't make one of the weeks, don't worry!  You can always catch up by watching the video of the teaching from the Alpha Film Series.  Simply click the relevant link below: 

Additional resources:

For more on the Alpha Course please visit the national website.

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